What’s the point of religion?

Why do we need religion today?

What does it do that isn’t covered by something else?

In times past churchmen were some of the few educated people in society – that’s long ceased to be.

In times of trouble and worry religion used to offer a listening ear and consolation – but in an age of doctors, psychology, psychiatry, and counselling services, not to mention friends and family with time and insights to share, who needs unqualified dabblers?

Religious institutions provided health and welfare as a charity to the poor, now replaced as a right by the health and welfare systems of modern states.

Morality and basic right and wrong are intrinsic to human nature, and adhered to as completely and strongly by atheists as believers – religion contributes nothing extra.

Physics, chemistry, archaeology, zoology, botany, geology, history, geography and linguistics, to name just a few specialities, have long replaced the metaphorical tales of faith with real explanations of the world around us and the space beyond us.

What we do see religions cause is division and strife, horrific violence and discrimination, mistreatment of those who don’t believe or believe differently, a poisoning of human relations, a constriction of human spirit, a diminishment of the only life we have.

So, why do we need religion?


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